About Me


Hi there!  I’m Elizabeth, and I’m a young twenty-something living in the beautiful Knoxville, TN area with my husband, Kendall.  

Currently, I am a technical writer for the Department of Energy, which sounds important and boring but is actually pretty fun!  I love to write, fix problems, and correct other peoples’ grammar. That pretty much sums up my job in one sentence.

I’m mostly an introvert, but I have lots of opinions on pretty much everything, and I’m not afraid to share them with strangers.  Two of the things I feel most strongly about are my faith (I’m a Christian) and the Oxford comma (use it!!!).  I’m a total homebody, and if I could stay home all day and never speak to anyone except my friends and family, I would have it made.

My husband and I have known each other since we were babies.  I know this is certainly not the most exciting beginning, but it gets a little cuter since we had crushes on each other in high school and college.  Our situations aligned eventually, and we were able to confess our long-held crushes on each other during our junior year of college. The rest is history 😉 We love hiking and thrifting together. We also both love music, cooking, and playing disc golf (even though I am the worst).  

As you can probably already see, I have way too many interests.  Here are the ones I’d place at the very top of the list:

Thrifting.  This also includes going to garage sales, estate sales, flea markets, and antique stores.  But the thrift store is my #1 place to go. If I could go to the thrift store every day, I probably would.  I love finding expensive clothing brands for a few dollars, finding vintage and unique decor for my home, and experiencing the thrill of the hunt.  This transitions pretty nicely into…

Interior Design + Home Organization.  Right now, we only live in an 800 sq-ft apartment that I can’t paint, but I have still loved having my own space to design and organize.  I am all about using unique and affordable thrifted items in my space to create a cozy yet aesthetically pleasing nest for Kendall and myself.  I’m constantly moving our furniture around and rearranging my tchotchkes. Art, books, and mid-century modern furniture are two of the things I love to decorate with the most!  Creating organized and functional spaces is also one of my passions. If I ever decide to start my own business, it would probably be as a professional organizer. Just like with tech editing, I love to go in and fix problems.  I’m a sucker for DIY organization on Pinterest. Which leads me to…

DIY Projects + Crafting.  My favorite projects are usually the ones for my home, especially furniture projects.  I have tried my hand and reupholstering, refinishing, and painting several pieces of furniture with fairly good success.  I’m also not too shabby with a sewing machine. I particularly love altering pieces I get at the thrift store.

Photography.  Capturing life with my camera is one of my greatest joys.  I generally take most of my photos on my iPhone, but I also shoot with a Canon Rebel t3i when I’m not feeling too lazy.  I love snapping photos of my favorite people and the small details of my life. I also love taking pictures of the beautiful outdoors.  Tennessee has some of the most beautiful and vibrant landscapes, flowers, and waterfalls you’ll ever see, which leads me to…

Hiking + Exploring.  Whether I’m with my husband, friends, or family, I love being outdoors.  Hiking, biking, walking, and general exploring are some of the things I enjoy most.  Some of my favorite hikes are to waterfalls, and there are plenty to visit in Tennessee.  Fall is one of my favorite times to get out of doors because the foliage is breathtaking here.  

Reading. I have always been a book lover. I majored in English during college, which further deepened my love of reading. Now, I try to read as many books as I can every year. My goal this year is 75! I believe reading improves our ability to connect to the world around us by giving us experience with different people and places we have never met or seen. It’s truly a magical experience to get lost in a book.

I hope this helps you get to know me a little better!